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Papagaio: Networking with AI

Networking is crucial for establishing strong connections, essential for valuable collaborations and knowledge. To optimize this process, Perspektiva 360 developed “Papagaio”, an internal automation tool that simplifies data management and enables an efficient focus on business growth.
Every entrepreneur knows that in the business world, connections act as an anchor propelling companies to create valuable new opportunities for growth. A study conducted by El Club del Emprendimiento estimates that 52% of surveyed professionals managed to close beneficial deals for their businesses at a Networking event. It’s not surprising, then, that for professionals dedicated to the sales efforts of a company, Networking stands as a fundamental pillar in their strategy. For Diego Peña, CEO of Perspektiva360, Networking has been crucial, as it has allowed him to establish strong connections with industry leaders, which in turn has led to valuable collaborations, the exchange of innovative ideas, and the acquisition of key knowledge to keep the company at the forefront of the market.   Business networking   While these types of meetings are essential, at times, the task of efficiently collecting and managing contact information and relevant details from each interaction can become tedious. How many times have you attended Networking events and ended up with a pile of business cards and notes that get lost amidst the overwhelming amount of information? Probably more than one. And, at Perspektiva360, understanding that every minute counts and efficiency is key to business success, we have developed an internal tool named “Papagaio”, created by our development team to streamline and optimize this process.   WebApp Papagaio  

Why was “Papagaio” developed?

One of the major challenges we faced in our networking meetings was the quick and effective collection of customer data. Our team used to spend valuable time manually entering details into spreadsheets after each meeting. The need for a more efficient and organized method is what inspired us to create this useful tool. As we’ve mentioned, networking plays a crucial role in Perspektiva360’s business activities. The ability to establish and maintain strong relationships can make a difference in a company’s growth and longevity. Papagaio becomes a strategic ally in this sense by allowing us to optimize the time we dedicate to data and message management.  

What is “Papagaio”?

It is an automation web app. Much more than a simple customer agenda; it’s a digital transformation that maximizes efficiency in the networking process. Can you imagine entering key interaction data within seconds? With Papagaio, Diego and other professionals like Juan Camilo Infante, our Co-Founder, can do precisely that. There’s no need to waste time after each meeting transferring information to endless spreadsheets. The application captures important details, such as the customer’s language, the event they met at, and more, in an instant. The main page operates like a customer registration form, streamlining the process with essential fields like name, email, event, language, and an interesting fact. The purpose is to minimize fields to allow for quick data entry during short customer interactions. Furthermore, the platform adapts to situations where a company has multiple representatives, offering a “Create multiple customers” option that allows for registering multiple customers simultaneously.   Papagaio Table In addition to storing key meeting information, “Papagaio” leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to generate personalized messages that remind clients of previous encounters, eliminating the need to compose individual emails. This helps save time and effort when establishing meaningful connections. As a result, our team’s focus can remain on business growth while our tool simplifies the Networking experience by automating this part of the process. The AI-generated message, based on collected customer data, is composed in the language of the meeting and is subsequently used in email communication. When creating, deleting, or editing a record, a backup is made in an Excel file, ensuring that all actions performed in the tool are reflected in this copy. To manage this copy, an external script is employed, which goes through the file and sends emails to the respective recipients using a predefined subject and the previously generated AI message. The implementation of AI in Papagaio proved to be a smart choice. The tool not only saves time by automatically generating email messages and subjects but also reduces the risk of forgetting to follow up with clients after events.   Papagaio Form   It’s not just a practical tool; it’s a reflection of our values and approach. The name, inspired by the communicative world of parrots, which is also a traditional symbol in Colombia, mirrors our commitment to effective communication and the establishment of strong relationships. Just as parrots communicate incessantly, Papagaio enables the forging of authentic and valuable connections in the business world.   Business contact   Now, you might be wondering when you’ll be able to use this tool. While Papagaio is currently designed for internal use, its potential is undeniable. Its focus on automation and artificial intelligence has provided us with a powerful tool that not only simplifies our tasks but also expands our toolbox and technological developments. While there are no immediate plans to launch a public version, it’s exciting to consider the impact this tool could have if implemented on a broader scale in the future. Papagaio is much more than just a customer agenda. It’s a reflection of our ability to address and solve internal problems in an innovative and effective manner. By automating and streamlining the networking process, we’ve freed up valuable time that we can now dedicate to building valuable relationships and the ongoing growth of our business. With Papagaio, we’ve transformed a tedious process into an opportunity for business success. To learn more about success stories or to understand what kind of technologies can support your internal processes or marketing, sales, and innovation efforts, feel free to contact us at the email address  

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