IKEA Takes it’s Iconic Frakta Bag to AR in Their new Campaign

Ikea’s latest AR adventure features the iconic Frakta bag, bringing an immersive experience with exclusive discounts to locations across the United States. Joining the growing trend of immersive outdoor experiences with QR codes, IKEA is captivating consumers once again by leveraging augmented reality (AR) technology to promote affordability. Introducing a monumental 19-foot tall Big Blue Bag sculpture, the furniture giant will embark on a cross-country journey throughout the United States this summer, allowing people to experience the iconic blue Frakta Bag in an entirely new dimension. The globally renowned Frakta Bag from IKEA holds a significant place in the heart of the Swedish brand. With over 30 years of presence in the multinational’s stores, the Frakta has become one of the most widely used bags worldwide, symbolizing the accessibility and practicality that IKEA embodies. Recognizing its iconic status, IKEA has continued to leverage the Frakta Bag in its marketing efforts. In addition to the heartwarming “The Giving Bag” ad featuring a child magically pulling an endless array of IKEA products from the bag, the company is now introducing it with “The Giving Bag AR” experience, according to a report by Adweek. Ikea’s immersive Frakta Bag AR experience is a playful nod to the bag’s incredible capacity. Decorated with multiple QR codes, visitors can scan them to unveil a virtual interface where IKEA’s products magically fly out of the bag through augmented reality. The captivating animation brings the products to life, creating a delightful experience for visitors, followed by a special offer: a 10% discount on purchases of $150 or more at IKEA. “The Big Blue Bag” will kick off its tour at Millennium Park in Chicago on Saturday, June 17th. From there, the awe-inspiring installation will make its way to Houston, Texas on June 24th, offering residents the opportunity to immerse themselves in the magic. As the Canadian wildfires subside and outdoor conditions improve, the monumental Frakta bag will continue its expedition, building anticipation for its highly anticipated arrival in the vibrant city of New York.  

IKEA’s AR Experiences are not Something New, but They Keep Evolving

IKEA’s foray into immersive technology comes as no surprise, given its previous ventures in augmented reality (AR). The Swedish furniture retailer has showcased its commitment to AR experiences, including an engaging in-store game  and a home decor app that allows users to visualize furniture in their real-world spaces. These past endeavors have solidified IKEA’s position as an industry leader in leveraging immersive technologies to enhance customer experiences. Building on its expertise in immersive technology, Ikea is once again pushing boundaries with its latest AR venture. Collaborating with agency Ogilvy, the Swedish furniture retailer’s new campaign features Adobe’s Aero Geospatial software. This innovative technology leverages geolocation to unlock 3D AR experiences tied to real-world locations, allowing attendees to seamlessly redeem their coupons at the nearest IKEA stores. This marks one of the first instances where a major retailer utilizes Adobe’s cutting-edge Aero Geospatial software, revolutionizing the way customers engage with AR in a retail context.  

Immersive Tech and Audiovisual: A Dynamic Duo for Marketing

The integration of AR technology with audiovisual content can prove to be a highly effective tactic in marketing strategies. The Big Blue Bag sculpture is a natural extension of Ikea’s innovative platform, The Giving Bag, which was introduced earlier this year with a captivating 60-second ad, created by Ogilvy New York. The ad tells the story of a child and their family discovering a range of practical, sustainable, and affordable products within an enchanting version of Ikea’s classic blue bag. “After the success of The Giving Bag commercial, we wanted to further enhance the magical experience of the Big Blue Bag, and with Adobe Aero, now powered by Google’s geospatial data, we were able to seamlessly merge a 3D experience with a real-world object,” explained Fanny Josefsson, Creative Director at Ogilvy New York.  

What is IKEA’s Marketing Strategy this Time?

Ikea’s “The Giving Bag AR” experience exemplifies the power of brand activations within the realm of Below the Line (BTL) marketing. These strategic initiatives aim to enhance brand visibility, recognition, and emotional connection with the target audience. By creating a unique and memorable brand experience, BTL activation directly engages consumers, leaving a lasting impact on their minds. And in this case, through the immersive AR technology, participants are invited to interact directly with the brand, fostering a sense of personal connection full of emotions. The benefits of brand activations in BTL marketing are far-reaching. Beyond immediate sales and promotional efforts, activations aim to:
    • Build long-term customer loyalty.
    • Stimulate word-of-mouth recommendations
    • Increase customer retention rates.
As will be seen with Ikea’s Big Blue Bag, these activations encompass various tactics, including live events, product demonstrations, in-store promotions, and interactive experiences. This experience in particular showcases the tremendous potential of brand activations within BTL marketing that use immersive technologies, offering a glimpse into the future of engaging brand experiences.
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