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Hotel and virtual tour? The perfect combination

360 photography is a novel technique which has increased in popularity in recent years, not only thanks to the attractiveness of the photos that can be obtained, but also thanks to the amount of interactive and fun experiences that can be lived through them. 360 photos, gathered on a platform and following a specific order allow generating what is known as virtual tours. Typically, virtual tours have been used to showcase interesting places around the world. A museum, a historical building or famous street can be known and visited through a virtual tour, through which we can be able to observe even the smallest detail. However, thanks to its appeal many other have been the uses of 360 photographs.  360 photos can be the perfect tool to show to the public and potential guests, the building’s facilities, rooms, common areas and everything necessary for anyone to say “yes”. 

How does a 360 photo works? 

360 photographs are images taken using a technique that allows us to obtain an interactive image, which we can observe at a 360° angle on both axes, that is, sideways, up and down. That is, an image that provides the observer with an experience where it is possible to locate oneself spatially within a place, exploring it freely and knowing every detail that goes from the floor to the highest parts of the walls.  360 photos can be assembled, thus generating virtual tours. Then, people can explore a place or building in a natural, simple and realistic way, forgetting about static images which very often do not transmit that spatial sensation that a tour 360 can. 

A virtual tourist tour: Know, explore and book 

Typically in the hotel and tourism sector, the presentation of the facilities, rooms, common areas, among others, was carried out through static photographs which, although they may seem attractive in some cases, considerably limit the experience lived by the public and by potential customers. Visualizing a static photograph it is very difficult to get to know a property in depth with every corner and detail.  Problems mentioned above, of course, can be solved with a simple virtual tour. The 360 photography for hotels, makes any establishment can be known in depth by people from all over the world who simply have a computer or smartphone with internet access.   The Perspektiva 360 virtual tours for hotels are a clear example that innovation can make the difference between making an stablishment known in a boring way or doing it in a striking, unique and detailed way. 

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