360 degrees’ photography. A beautiful interactive alternative to promote your building!

Current trends and new digital techniques are making of photography not only a good way to capture and immortalize special moments, but also a way to structure and design impressive product catalogs that are capable of capturing anyone’s attention. Many of us surely feel familiar with panoramic photos, funny to take when we are on vacation or with our friends. Capturing a photograph that shows us a wider field gives us the opportunity to enjoy a more detailed and real image of a place. Imagine now, the possibility of being able to create more complex images and take virtual tours that take us directly to a place without leaving our homes! That is precisely what 360 degrees’ photography offers us, a new trend that is changing the way of showing beautiful places to people anywhere around the world. 

What is 360 degrees’ photography? 

Also called spherical photography, it is a technique where an interactive digital projection of a place or virtual tour is generated. 360 Photos, as their name suggests, are images that cover a 360° angle of viewthat is, they allow us to visualize the surroundings of the point from where the photograph was taken: Back, sideways, front, up and down. Thanks to this technique is possible to capture the real vision of an environment from one point of view without overlooking any detail. A well-known example of 360 degrees’ photography is that used in Google Street View.  Thanks to this type of photography we can be able to know any kind of place that is anywhere in the world, simply by having access to a computer with internet.

What can be the applications of 360 degrees’ photography? 

The main application of 360 photos is to make a place known in an interactive way. That is why it is widely used for tours of touristic sites. However, one of the best applications of 360 photography is related to architecture, construction companies, hotels and model houses. It is like taking the place to the client!  360 Photography for hotels, apartments or model houses is one of the most profitable options for the entrepreneur and the most fun for the client. The difference between observing static photos and take a tour of the place you want to visit or buy can make the difference between deciding or not to enter into a business.  In this way, through 360 photosthe client will be able to experience moving to the living room of their future home, the hotel room where they want to vacation or the house they want to rent. A virtual tour can be taken from any mobile device (smartphone, tablet) or computer without the need to download additional software.  Finally, some examples of 360 degrees’ photography applied to tourist sites, apartments, condominiums and country houses can be seen clicking on the previous links. In short, is the best choice to make the presentation of your place a unique experience! 

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