Discover the world of 360 with the virtual educational tour of El Bosque university

Now you can tour the El Bosque university campus with the help of an interactive tool, made with professional photography and 360° video.

Ana Maria woke up at 7 a.m. as usual, she had finished high school a few months ago and had spent a few weeks reviewing websites of universities in all the country. She, like most Colombian students, has not been in a classroom for more than seven months. 

It is because of the sanitary conditions caused by Covid-19, there are 29 million tenagers (according to Semana magazine) who, like Ana María, are going to have to start their university life without the much anticipated return to normality, instead they hear expressions such as social distancing, general quarantines and virtual classes. 

Facing the largest educational crisis ever seen, Perspektiva 360 together with El Bosque university, undertook tha task of creating a virtual tour which allows digital visitors to get to know the university’s facilities through the use of 360° photos. 

Tour Virtual Universidad del Bosque
Aerial view of the area where El Bosque university and its points of interest are located. 

The platform was found by Ana María by chance after breakfast, while she was browsing her Facebook, and very excited she was showing her parents in the afternoon, making them explore what her arrival in the university world would be like. 

Ana María is a clear example that anyone can enter  university website and find the 360° virtual tour, and get to know its facilities such as; the main square, where there is a symbol called Dos Serpientes that represents the good practices of the students; the main court, a space of diversion with friends; the laboratories, the library. All this accompanied by interactive tracks with audio content and peripheral photos of 360° recording. 

Tour virtual Universidad del Bosque
Main square of El Bosque university.

Although the challenges are great in virtual education, the way in which this presentation arouses curiosity among users, encourages them to click where they have not done before and encourages interaction with digital content on campus university, allowing them to do maneuvers like; zoom in, zoom out and turn to see the campus from various perspectives and views. 

Perspektiva 360, developed this web application to face the challenges of the new normal that the context has posed for education, providing El Bosque University with 7 years of experience in carrying out these types of projects and offering users: 

  • Professional photography. 
  • Project planning and management. 
  • Virtual tours for all industries through visual composition of image and video. 
  • 3D visualization. 
  • Virtual reality.
  • And, of course, 360º virtual tours.

This interactive marketing experience has managed to reduce the distance, making all kinds of people connect with the content from any part of Colombia as Ana Maria did from her city, Cali. However, the Universidad del Bosque not only receives virtual visits from Cali, in fact, the locations of the students who have taken this virtual tour are diverse, these are the 20 cities registered with the highest number of visits in the virtual tour: 

It is worth mentioning that the digital marketing strategy has left remarkable results, since the traffic of the University’s website has increased notably, registering up to 10,000 thousand unique visits and keeping users on the web for 14 minutes, which is excellent, considering that the average visit of a virtual browser on a normal website is 40 seconds according to the data from the digital marketing encyclopedia and analysis RYTE WIKI. In addition, the Universidad del Bosque has identified a 15% increase in its enrollment for semester I of 2021, compared to semester II of 2020 thanks to this tool. 

And it is that undoubtedly, the situation generated by the quarantine has been an opportunity for more and more people, like Ana María, to rely and believe more and more in digital tools, and to position virtuality in this new reality, an innovative strategy that El Bosque university decided to bet on, in order to position itself as the first option in the university search list, and it seems to be working. 

At the end of the day, Ana María decided to open the University website once again and navigate on its platform before going to bed, while she was in bed, she decided to send the link to her group of school friends so that they could also explore and get to know the world of photography and 360º video. Wouldn’t you like to have an experience like that of Ana María and her friends? 

Visit the content that Universidad El Bosque has on its website: 


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