Virtual Tours

Virtual tours in 360° to sell apartments and model houses

The image of a product is undoubtedly one of the most important impressions when it comes about generating sales and attracting potential buyers. In the case of the real estate sector, traditionally the products for sale- that is, the real estate- are presented to the public in the form of static photographs which, although they provide a general idea of the appereance of the place, are not enough when you want to offer an example of the spatial distribution of a house or apartment. This is not the case with 360 photos and virtual tours, a new and excellent way to transform the image of a property giving the public a unique experience. 

But what is 360 photography?

360 photos, also called spherical photos are images generated using a technique that allows you to obtain a photo that covers a 360° angle of view on both sides and from up to bottom. It is a photographic technique on the rise, very entertaining for the user because it is possible to “explore” the photo in every direction from the point where the image was taken. How can this technique be useful? Unlike static images, 360 photos allow to go through all the angles and know each of the details that a certain place has, providing a spatial sensation, allowing a person –in a funny and interactive way- to now a property in depth no matter where it is.  Using a series of 360 photos and an online platform, it is possible to create what are known as virtual tours, or what is the same, the entire reconstruction of building, in an orderly and synchronized way through this type of photos, creating thus the illusion of movement through all its spaces. 

360 Photography in the real estate sector: a novel alternative 

When it comes to houses or apartments for sale, construction companies often use a model house to promote the properties to the public and interested clients. Unfortunately, and mainly for reasons of distance, many buyers find it difficult to visit real estate spaces before making a final decision, having to settle for static photos which, although they provide a general idea, do not offer a fully immersive experience.  This is where virtual tours come into play. Knowing any part of the world only needing a computer or smartphone with internet, saves time and money from the client’s point of view, and offers a unique, eye-catching and attractive image from the seller’s. Explore, detail and live an experience as if you were directly in a place regardless of where you live in the world, it is the best introduction letter that any construction company can offer. Definitely, virtual tours are those capable of making the difference between usual and boring  and innovative, fun, and above all convincing.

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