The magic of virtual reality

Nothing is more fantastic for human mind than having the opportunity to escape its own reality and move to others where it finds for a moment an escape from its daily life. Would you love to be able to fulfill the dream of flying freely in the sky? Wouldn’t it be fascinating for you to be able to travel to outer space and feel that you are an astronaut on the International Space Station?  Or how about transporting yourself to a place located on the other side of the ocean and becoming a remote tourist? Well, with virtual reality you can achieve it, just as you can have the freedom to pilot a plane or parachute. For this you’ll only need a good pair of virtual glasses and that the environment you see through them is totally clear to your heart, mind and thought.  Virtual reality, coupled with the progress of 360 photography and 360-degree videos, has reached a supreme evolution point. Now virtual tours are becoming one of the most fantastic experiences, managing to cancel time and space, to transport the person’s mind to a totally real setting. For this reason, virtual reality is a technology that is starting to be applied strongly in hotels and tourism sector, real estate sales, interior design and other fields. With this technology you can have the opportunity to get to know that apartment located in Santa Marta even if you are on the other side of the world, as well as walking along a beach at sunset and then ending your tour by entering the hotel room where you will sleep. The construction industry is not far behind and companies in this sector have taken advantage of virtual reality glasses to see for themselves what the final result of the work would look like.  The development of virtual reality began in the 90s, but only in recent years did it begin to become a strong trend. It is estimated that 2016 is the host that opens us the doors completely to this technology. Why? The answer is implicit in the fact that the rise of these mobile devices and the digital world have laid very strong foundations for it to succeed, making the mind to overcome the limits of matter. A proof of it is how in today’s era digital books allow you to turn their pages by sliding a finger on a screen, as well as you can visit a museum from your home, walk any street with Google Maps or have a job interview online. This means that in the near future having virtual reality glasses will be indispensable and these will be found on one side of your computer desk as if it were one of those landlines, so necessary and indispensable before the appereance of mobile phones.  Read more about the reason for this trend in: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/248603  If you want to start enjoying such an experience, you will only need to buy some good virtual reality glasses, which can weigh around 13 to 16 oz., usually have LCD-type technology and are adaptable to the PC through HDMI, USB or DVI cables. Oculus Rift is one of these virtual reality glasses, whose company in charge of its development invested a budget of 91 million dollars to create product in optimal conditions. It is known that these virtual reality glasses will hit the market for the months of March and April of this year at a cost that is between 600 and 700 dollars. Yes, its price is quite high, but of course this is not the only model on the market. Other virtual reality glasses that we can suggest are Gear VR, that were developed by Samsung in collaboration with Oculus VR, the same company in charge of the Oculus Rift. The Gear VR went on sale on November 15th of 2015 for a reasonable price of $99 dollars. Precisely, responding to this trend and in view of the high economic value that hardware like this represents, Google released a virtual reality glasses called Cardboard, whose cost is quite low having considering that its frame is made of cardboard which allows you to adapt your smartphone on it to generate the same effect of virtual reality.  After you have experienced virtual reality through glasses like these, you will undoubtedly want to implement this technology in your business. The company Perpektiva360 can help you in this regard, creating the whole environment and advising you on the necessary equipment so that your future clients are lucky enough to enjoy a trip to another dimension and have a close contact with what you offer. The experience, apart from being fun and exciting will completely seduce the heart of your customer. If you want to see what the final product of a virtual reality built with the help of Perspektiva360 would look like, its professional quality to work with 360-degree photography and videos of the same style, then go to the following link: http://www.perspektiva360.com/Marval/bosques-hato-rv.html

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