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Short Videos: Mercado Libre’s Bet on Its New Clips Feature

After obtaining impressive results in tests conducted in Brazil and Argentina, Mercado Libre has decided to integrate short videos into its platform.
  Mercado Libre has taken a bold step on its platform with the launch of its new “Clips” feature. Now, sellers can publish short videos to boost their products, providing buyers with a different shopping experience. According to Luis Pedraza, Marketplace leader at Mercado Libre, Clips was developed to adapt to users’ new habits, offering quick, dynamic content in a flexible format that many users enjoy. It creates opportunities for sellers to make themselves known and reach potential buyers. With over 600 visits per second and more than 300 million listed products, Mercado Libre has sought a solution that promises to streamline and enhance the e-commerce experience on its platform.  

An Effective Tool to Boost Sales

Videos are powerful in the digital world, and Mercado Libre has understood this well. “Video is now. From the moment of search to the purchase, video plays a very important role in the sales funnel and the purchasing decision of a user,” says Renata Gerez, Social Commerce Manager of the platform.
“Video is now. From the moment of search to the purchase, video plays a very important role in the sales funnel and the purchasing decision of a user.” – Renata Gerez, Social Commerce Manager at Mercado Libre.
According to information from the company, 89% of people state that watching a brand’s video convinces them to buy a product, and 52% of consumers prefer to make a purchase after watching a video about the product. According to Gerez, in Brazil, visits to product listings skyrocketed by 500% after videos were uploaded, which is impressive. In Argentina, this growth was 300%. In June, Mercado Libre launched Clips in Mexico, and more than 8,000 videos have already been uploaded to the platform, demonstrating the rapid adoption and trust generated by audiovisual content.  

How will Mercado Libre’s Clips Work?

Clips will be like having a “TikTok” within the Mercado Libre app, an integrated content and shopping experience in one place.

For Sellers

Using Clips will be easy for sellers. The main conditions for videos are:
  • They must be recorded in vertical format.
  • They can be between 10 and 60 seconds long.
  • They should focus on a single product.
Once the video is recorded, sellers can link it to an existing product listing, enabling the entire purchasing process to be carried out directly with the seller. Sellers with a green reputation badge are already cleared to upload their videos, which can be done from a computer or mobile device using the Video Studio feature, following three simple steps:
  1. Access Video Studio.
  2. Upload the video and complete the form, linking it to the corresponding product.
  3. Await content moderators’ review. And that’s it!
Mercado Libre also has a Video School where creators can learn about moderation criteria and receive helpful tips. Additionally, sellers can track view metrics to understand which content works best and discover new business opportunities.

For Buyers

For buyers, Clips will function similarly to other short video platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. To begin, Clips will employ an algorithm that recommends videos to users based on search interests and purchase intentions. These recommended videos will primarily appear in a carousel within the Mercado Libre app’s feed. Within Clips, users can swipe up on the screen to view a variety of videos, save their favorites, share them on other platforms, and report inappropriate content. If a user is interested in learning more about a particular product, they can click on the product box that appears at the bottom of each video and be taken directly to the product listing.
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  • Mercado Libre.

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