Social Selling: How Social Media Drives Your Sales

The key to achieving successful sales results lies in the execution of a solid marketing strategy, supported by the expertise and knowledge of specialized professionals in the field.

In the digital era, a presence on social media has become essential for any company aiming to stand out in the market and increase sales. The rise of these platforms as communication channels has led to a shift in consumer behavior, with people now turning to them to seek information and opinions before making a purchase.

In this sense, social media offers a unique opportunity to connect with audiences in a close manner and boost the brand. However, to achieve successful results, it is crucial to implement a solid marketing strategy and have specialized professionals in the field.


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Why are social media crucial for sales?

According to the report «Social Media Study 2023» conducted by IAB Spain, 44% of users search for information on social media before making a purchase, and 36% state that social media has influenced their buying decisions. These figures reveal that a significant number of potential customers can be found on social media, making these platforms a fundamental stage to attract new clients and increase sales.

Moreover, studies like the one conducted by NTT DATA and MIT Technology Review in 2022 have shown that digital marketing is gaining increasing importance in Latin America, where 70% of companies have increased their investment in this type of strategy. In Colombia, 50% of social media users make online purchases, and 25% of the country’s companies actively use these platforms to sell their products and services.


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What is needed to sell on social media?

While social media offers significant potential for increasing sales, merely having a presence on these platforms is not enough. It is crucial to have specialists in strategic digital marketing, professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the brand and the ability to generate effective strategies.

These experts should base their marketing plan on in-depth analysis of the target audience, allowing them to select the appropriate channels to reach them effectively. Additionally, they must develop a brand personality and style that resonates with the audience and positions it in the Top of Mind of consumers.

Coordinating a team of professionals or collaborating with specialized service providers like Perspektiva 360 can further enhance the results and effectiveness of social media campaigns.


Key Pillars of a Marketing Strategy to Increase Sales on Social Media

  • Planning and Management of Social Media Marketing:

It is crucial to develop a marketing plan that considers the brand, available resources, and relevant market information. The plans should include campaigns with distinct messages that evolve continuously, adapting to market changes and audience preferences.

  • Profile Optimization:

Redesign biographies, feeds, calls to action, and contact information to ensure that the company’s social media profiles project a consistent and appealing image to followers.

  • Content Development:

Create relevant and high-quality content that resonates with the audience and reinforces the brand’s personality. Collaborating with influencers, when aligned with the company’s values, can be an effective strategy to expand the reach of the posts.

Video is one of the most successful resources for online sales, and its intelligent and creative incorporation can make a significant difference in a business’s success within the competitive digital environment.

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  • Paid Advertising or Social Ads Campaigns:

Properly segmenting campaigns to effectively reach the target audience, optimizing return on investment, and generating more sales opportunities.

  • Customer Loyalty:

It’s not just about securing the initial sale, but also about keeping customers engaged in the long run. Maintaining a close relationship with customers, offering excellent post-sales service, and adapting strategies to meet their evolving needs are essential.


In conclusion, social media has become a crucial factor for businesses to increase their sales. Today’s consumers seek information on these platforms before making a purchase, and companies that fail to capitalize on this opportunity may lag behind in the competitive market.

To succeed on social media, it is essential to have specialized professionals in strategic digital marketing and develop a well-planned strategy that encompasses everything from analyzing the target audience to customer loyalty. With the right approach and an active presence on social media, businesses can fully leverage their potential to boost sales and achieve success in the digital world.




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