No boundaries between real and virtual.

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that combines the physical world with virtual elements.

This technology offers a unique view of reality by displaying digital information in real time over the physical environment.

AR is the technology behind Google Lens, IKEA Place, Instagram filters, TikTok and many other applications.

An augmented reality experience can be used on cell phones and special AR equipment.

Augmented reality apps

custom-designed for you

Proyecto El Tambo 360

Augmented reality transcends the tangible in a company,
adding value and emotions to processes, training, products and services.

Versatile technology

With augmented reality (AR) you can create tools for marketing, sales, prototyping, logistics, training and more.

High customization

A customized AR application can be adapted for various physical elements and spaces to suit your needs.

Easy to use

An augmented reality (AR) application is as easy to install and use as any mobile application.

Global reach

Augmented reality (AR) is a primarily mobile technology, which makes it available to everyone today.

Precise ideas

With augmented reality (AR) all communication becomes visual, making the transmission of ideas more accurate.

Attractive communication

The interactions offered by a virtual reality (AR) application make any experience engaging and memorable.

We have collaborated with international companies and organizations dedicated to BPO, sustainable development, construction, education and tourism.

If reality limits you, augment it…

Sometimes reality limits us to share ideas, but today’s technology allows us to go beyond that and create tools that ‘give life’ to what surrounds us, managing to communicate in ways never seen before.”

Juan Camilo Infante, co-founder of Perspektiva 360.