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// Virtual reality

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// Virtual reality

For companies that innovate with purpose

Virtual reality is made
to break schemes.
If the action in virtual reality is not useful and meaningful, then it is still just another screen. That’s why we develop more than just applications, we create experiences with purpose.”

Juan Camilo Infante, co-founder of Perspektiva 360.

Desarrollador de Perspektiva 360 en prueba de realidad virtual
// Virtual reality

The future of online interactions

Versatile technology

With virtual reality (VR) you can create different tools:
  • Experiences for marketing and sales.
  • Training simulators.
  • Prototype and project pilots.
  • Meeting and remote work spaces.

Global trend

Since 2020, the number of virtual reality (VR) users has grown by 75% each year.

An original VR experience will be necessary for your brand very soon.

Easy to use

An optimized virtual reality (VR) application is easy to install on affordable equipment without technical support.

Using your VR app will be as easy as chatting on your phone.


Virtual reality (VR) overcomes all physical obstacles and can even recreate the real world.

A VR experience will give you great reach and results on a global level.

// Virtual reality

Our developments

We have collaborated with international companies and organizations dedicated to BPO, sustainable development, construction, education and tourism.

Súbete al Bus

Client: UNPD Colombia
Súbete al bus (Get on the bus) recreates the experience of traveling by bus and is an experiential marketing complement to the "Microfranchising for Colombia" web series.
Both the series and the VR experience are used to showcase inspiring stories about the microfranchise model in Colombia.


Client: Webhelp Latam
This application is the digital twin of Webhelp's physical facilities in Latin America. The largest global BPO leverages virtual reality as a sales and onboarding tool.
Also available in web version.

Bolívar Scout

Client: Constructora Bolívar
Bolivar Scout is the online virtual reality platform that brings together the entire catalog of housing projects of Constructora Bolivar, the largest construction company in Colombia.

Universidad El Bosque

Client: Universidad El Bosque
El Bosque University managed to increase its enrollment by 23% (2020) after presenting this virtual reality experience that brings together nearly 200 scenarios of its facilities in Bogota.
Also available in web version.

Mompox - Timeless Magic Realism

Perspektiva 360
Mompox is a virtual reality tourism experience around Santacruz de Mompox, an ancient and beautiful Colombian town that was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Available in Meta Quest.

// Virtual reality

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