How to make your videos look pro?

You want your brand’s videos to look like a movie, but you you don’t have time, resources or don’t know how to do it…

Kuna | Editores de video on-demand

Kuna | On-demand video editors

How to make your videos look pro?

You want your brand’s videos to look like a movie, but you you don’t have time, resources or don’t know how to do it…

Hiring editors, freelancers, agencies or paying for an AI
Is not enough, because…

None of them guarantees speed and quality

  • Copywriters
  • Designers
  • Editors
  • Animators
  • Voice over pros and a long etc…

But managing too many freelancers, people or technologies is inefficient, costly and time consuming.

Pero gestionar muchos freelancers, personas o tecnologías es ineficiente, costoso y te quita tiempo

The solution?
Meet Kuna! 

At Kuna we help your company with high quality video post-production in a fast and comfortable way being fair with your budget.

Major brands throughout the Americas trust in Kuna
Watch the amazing videos you can get with us

Our schedule has limited availability!

Soluciones a la medida para tu empresa en

Producción de video

Perfecto para contar esa historia especial, mostrar lo mejor de tu empresa e inspirar a tu audiencia a tomar acción.

Soluciones a la medida para tu empresa en

Editores on-demand
100% en línea

Ideales para resultados rápidos y tus flujos altos de contenido. Videos hechos con tu propio material, animaciones y recursos de stock.

En Perspektiva 360 somos una empresa marca país.

How does Kuna work?
With our proven method on +250 projects!

We have perfected the post-production process it easy and fast for you.
Plus we love to listen, capture your ideas and create with you.

Step 1
Talk to us

Request your video with a professional in audiovisual production who will listen to all your needs, objectives and ideas.

Profesional de Kuna by Perspektiva 360 en videollamada con cliente

And since quality is in the details
We help you define what you need to get the best result:

Choosing the ideal type of post-production for your objectives

Select, refine, and edit all the material to tell your story

Get the perfect music and a professional voice

Step 2
Get your preview

You will have it ready in 2 days, so you can share your comments and we can perfect your video.

Cliente de Kuna by Perspektiva visualizando la vista previa de su video en una tablet

Step 3
Download and play!

If you aprove the second delivery, your video will be ready to download, share or publish in minutes.

Cliente de Kuna by Perspektiva 360 recibiendo su video final

Our schedule is available!
You can now order your
corporate and commercial videos for:

$748 EUR
$798 USD
Taxes included
Standard video*
$948 EUR
$998 USD
Taxes included
Standard video + Voiceover*

Don’t miss out

And if you need a change? Ask for it!
You have 15 days warranty

A premium backup to guarantee you’ll get the outcome you want, because at Kuna our top priority is to help you meet your needs.

Still have doubts?
Compare Kuna’s services to make the best decision for you

Logo kuna Agency Freelancer In-house
Promptness Your video ready in 2 days! 7 days minimum 4 days minimum Depends on your team
Quality Exceeds your expectations High Not the most reliable High
Experience 8 years with proven methods You don’t know, must try You don’t know, must try Varies on your team
Answer 1 hour Contact Us! 24 hours Sometimes, that depends Immediate
Availability Immediate 2 weeks minimum 2 weeks minimum Minimum 4 weeks of paperwork
Quantity High with multi-format videos High Low, 1 video at a time Depends on your team

And if you’re still wondering
Yes, there are more reasons to choose Kuna!

Your videos in
Multiple formats

We adapt your videos for any channel, whether on your website, networks, TV and large formats.

Your contents in a
Smart catalog

Your videos are stored in the cloud so you can access them at any time, download and share all your content.

I want my videos to look professional!
If you want to give a professional touch to your video in the most efficient way, contact us

You know what you get:
  • Agility with proven methods
  • High quality and satisfaction guaranteed
  • Solutions for the entire creative process
  • No need to manage an entire team
  • Fast and 100% online service
Contact us and you will be our priority from today!

Our team is ready and waiting

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This special offer applies exclusively to on-demand video editing services with a maximum duration of 1 minute. Valid until January 10, 2024. Production times, satisfaction guarantees, and adaptation to various formats are subject to our terms and conditions. Clients must adhere to response times to ensure efficient project execution.