Do you want to revolutionize your company's audiovisual production today?

Kuna is your gateway to a revolution in the creation and management of your audiovisual content. We have perfected the online audiovisual production process so you can focus on what really matters: your business.

Kuna is the ideal choice
for your company when:

Looking for a comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective solution to produce high quality video for your company?

You want to edit your videos from your own recorded content or a production from scratch.

You need an organized and agile process for the production of your videos.

You need help to create audiovisual content for your marketing and communication strategies

You must adapt your videos for publication on a wide variety of digital and analog channels.

You value having a convenient platform to host and manage your videos efficiently.

If you want to boost your company's image, you need high quality videos.

To create videos that guarantee recognition and connection with your audience, it is important that an expert team is in charge of the production. If your company does not have audiovisual professionals, don’t worry, with Kuna you have everything you need.

Today, successful companies entrust their processes to true specialists. Just as many businesses invest in marketing services, they also pay experts in audiovisual production to create the most effective communication and advertising formats.

Optimizing your videos with professionals makes a big difference to your business

  • Maximize the efficiency of your resources without the need to hire personnel.
  • Execute your marketing and communication strategies quickly.
  • Get a fresh and creative perspective for your videos.
  • Avoid copyright and licensing concerns.
  • You can focus on your business while the videos are produced by real experts.

Get to know all the possibilities you have with each plan!

The plans are exclusive for the Pro Edition, Stock+ and Full Stock services.

Video lengthPlan SPlan MPlan L
Number of videosNumber of videosNumber of videos
15 seconds81016
30 seconds458
60 seconds22 (+1 Video of 30 seconds)4
120 seconds1 1 (+1 Video of 30 seconds)2
240 seconds✖✖1

We guarantee your satisfaction for 15 days

We are committed to your company’s image, delivering a high quality audiovisual product with a 15-day guarantee.

We design your content with you

No more wasted hours looking for ideas. We listen to you and create your scripts according to what you need to communicate.

We edit or produce your videos

You choose the path. Whether you only need editing, content from stock or full production, we do it all for you.

We host your videos online

Share your videos in minutes. We catalog your videos and editable in a convenient platform always updated.

Our strategic allies support us and your business