Perspektiva 360 technical team's guide with virtual reality glasses at Joropo Fest 2022

We presented our immersive technologies at Joropo Fest 2022

Perspektiva 360 was invited by the Chamber of Commerce of Casanare to show virtual reality experiences to the attendees of the Joropo Fest By: Perspektiva 360 Editor.   Perspektiva 360 was invited to participate in Joropo Fest, the international festival of culture and creativity held in Yopal, Casanare. We presented our immersive technology solutions to […]

PIO UNICEF Virtual Tour, main menu

UNICEF used a virtual tour to introduce an important project

It was PIO, a humanitarian program for early childhood on the Colombian-Venezuelan border. Perspektiva 360 was behind the development By: Perspektiva 360 Editor.    A virtual tour developed by Perspektiva 360 was the tool that starred in the socialization of the PIO project. This is a UNICEF initiative in Colombia for the care of early […]

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