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5 Challenges Creative Agencies face when deploying large campaigns: How can AR and VR help solve them?

The deployment of large campaigns is a complex and challenging process. In 2023, companies are encountering a series of new challenges, such as the growing market fragmentation, the need for greater personalization, and the increasing demand for captivating experiences. Is your creative agency facing seemingly insurmountable challenges when deploying innovative advertising campaigns? If so, you’re […]

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Papagaio: Networking with AI

Networking is crucial for establishing strong connections, essential for valuable collaborations and knowledge. To optimize this process, Perspektiva 360 developed “Papagaio”, an internal automation tool that simplifies data management and enables an efficient focus on business growth. Every entrepreneur knows that in the business world, connections act as an anchor propelling companies to create valuable […]

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Social Selling: How Social Media Drives Your Sales

The key to achieving successful sales results lies in the execution of a solid marketing strategy, supported by the expertise and knowledge of specialized professionals in the field. In the digital era, a presence on social media has become essential for any company aiming to stand out in the market and increase sales. The rise […]

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IKEA Takes it’s Iconic Frakta Bag to AR in Their new Campaign

Ikea’s latest AR adventure features the iconic Frakta bag, bringing an immersive experience with exclusive discounts to locations across the United States. Joining the growing trend of immersive outdoor experiences with QR codes, IKEA is captivating consumers once again by leveraging augmented reality (AR) technology to promote affordability. Introducing a monumental 19-foot tall Big Blue […]

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Metaverse: what is, what is not and what we will do it

The metaverse is a technological revolution with the potential to transform our era, learn what exactly it is and what awaits us.   Metaverse is a vitally important word for the future of digital connections, and yet few know what it means. It surely reminds you of one of the largest companies in the world, […]


Virtual reality is bound to impact your company in Colombia

Virtual reality is already being used in Colombia and benefits companies in creative industries, education, tourism, architecture and construction.   Regarding the eighth version of Colombia 4.0, a summit of technologies in Latin America, which took place a few weeks ago in the city of Bogotá and where we, the Perspektiva 360 team, were present, […]

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