Photo montage that represents the metaverse

Metaverse: what is, what is not and what we will do it

The metaverse is a technological revolution with the potential to transform our era, learn what exactly it is and what awaits us.   Metaverse is a vitally important word for the future of digital connections, and yet few know what it means. It surely reminds you of one of the largest companies in the world, […]


Virtual reality is bound to impact your company in Colombia

Virtual reality is already being used in Colombia and benefits companies in creative industries, education, tourism, architecture and construction.   Regarding the eighth version of Colombia 4.0, a summit of technologies in Latin America, which took place a few weeks ago in the city of Bogotá and where we, the Perspektiva 360 team, were present, […]


360 photography of vehicles: From cameras to sales

A tool that increases the interest and sales of a car is undoubtedly a 360 photo. Learn how we produce the incredible prospects that fascinate buyers and other benefits of 360 vehicle photography.   Do you know what is the photograph that manages to sell a car? Yes, of course, the title has made it […]


The magic of virtual reality

Nothing is more fantastic for human mind than having the opportunity to escape its own reality and move to others where it finds for a moment an escape from its daily life. Would you love to be able to fulfill the dream of flying freely in the sky? Wouldn’t it be fascinating for you to be able to travel […]

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